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British Clothing brand based in North London, founded by vegan Designer Eleanor Williams.

Eleanor’s clothing collection is organic, fair trade and hand dyed entirely with plants and vegetables in London.

Animal rights and the environment are priorities for EA Williams and Eleanor carries that through all her work.

She believes no one should suffer for clothes, especially not the planet.

Eleanor’s brand is about mixing science and seasons creating pieces that are not trend lead.

All garments are unique due to the unpredictability of markings from natural dyeing which makes each piece charming and personal.


Where have the clothes come from?

All garments of EA Williams are responsibly sourced from organic and fair trade suppliers;

All fabrics are naturally dyed by hand by Eleanor in London with natural dyes, vegetables and plants.

The water needed for the process is re-cycled to reduce  water waste to minimum.

All cotton threads Eleanor uses to sew with are organic and fair trade sourced from Green Fibres in Devon.

For any other information on how your garments are made please feel free to ask via email.

You can find more about The Hemp Store and Green Fibres below: